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'Working' at Carolines
'Working' in the middle of the ocean on 'the Freedom'
'Working' with Dom Irerra and Buddy Fitzpatrick in Wildwood NJ.
Banging the drum very slowly after drinking at and Indians home game with John Adams.
Coochie Coochie!!!!
In front of Steven King's house in Bangor Maine.
Jim Craig Goalie for 1980 Gold Medal Winning USA Hockey Team
Lai Lai
Lenny Marcus and I at 'Comedy Cruise Camp'
Meeting the first comedian I saw in person... the brilliant and super cool Kevin Meaney.
Mom, T, M, and E
My British twin, great friend, AND CD of the Oasis Richard Spacey.
On the set of 'Comics Unleashed with Dean Edwards, Me, Byron Allen, Sabrina Mathews, and Jason Andors.
Opening for Paul Bunyan in Bangor Maine
Photo page main picture
Realizing it wasn't cool to ask Jim Craig why he couldn't shut out the Russians.
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